Mission Statement

The Rosewood companies and related entities were created for the purpose of providing a secure, diverse financial operating base for the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate. Each entity must be professionally managed toward the primary objective of maximizing returns for the Trust and providing for adequate distributions for the beneficiaries. In all cases, the operating emphasis will be on strength and stability to ensure the preservation of wealth and the greatest value to be realized upon the eventual dissolution of the Trust.

The Rosewood companies are committed to the highest standards of performance and conduct in all areas of operation. We have established and will maintain a tradition of excellence as evidenced by the quality of our products and services. We want our companies to be recognized as “the best” in all areas of endeavor and our plans and priorities will be established to achieve this. Intrinsic to this basic value is the belief that no person or entity is truly excellent unless all activities are characterized by integrity, fairness and adherence to the highest code of ethical conduct. The company fully endorses a holistic approach to making business decisions such that all activities will be carried forth for the greatest benefit to the total environment in which we operate.

The Rosewood companies are dedicated to people and will provide a superior environment in which dedicated employees may enjoy personal growth and satisfaction. It is our goal to allow every motivated individual the opportunity to realize full potential through the exercise of his or her personal talents.

The Rosewood companies recognize an obligation to make a significant contribution to the welfare of our community, nation and the world. We wish to fulfill the duties of a responsible corporate citizen by being attentive to the economic, environmental and benevolent needs of the communities which we serve.