Rosewood Management Corporation is the family office that services the descendants of the Caroline Rose Hunt family in several categories including tax, accounting, investments, and client services.

Alan Dennard Vice President Tax

Alan Dennard is the Vice President – Tax for Rosewood Management Corporation, responsible for tax planning and tax compliance for the family of Caroline Rose Hunt and their related entities.  Prior to joining Rosewood in 2016, Alan held the position of Vice President of Palette Investment Company, the family office for Ray L. Hunt, and served the Dunigan family as President of their family office, Dunigan Interests, Inc.  Alan is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Central State University, now University of Central Oklahoma.  

Elaine Bell Vice President Accounting

Elaine Bell is the Vice President Accounting for Rosewood Management Corporation. She has worked in both tax and financial accounting in the family office. Prior to joining Rosewood in 2001, she worked at KPMG and Arthur Andersen. Elaine graduated from Southern Methodist University with degrees in accounting and psychology and is a licensed CPA. 

Geoff Eames Vice President of Investments and Treasurer

As Vice President of Investments of Rosewood Management Corporation, Geoff is responsible for selection and managment of investments across public and private markets pursuant to the firm's investment strategy. He leads Rosewood Management's Treasury Department and serves as a voting member of Rosewood's Investment Committee and Hedging Strategy Committee. In addition, Geoff holds leadership roles in several operating subsidiaries including Jack Rose Cattle Company, LLC and Rosewood Pecan Holdings, LLC.

Toni Evans Executive Vice President

Toni Evans is Executive Vice President in charge of Family, Finance & Strategy at Rosewood Management Corporation (RMC).  She serves as an officer of various Rosewood related entities including Vice President and board member for the Rosewood Trust Company, LTA, a private trust company serving as trustee for trusts benefiting Mrs. Caroline Rose Hunt’s descendants. Toni is a voting member of the Investment Committee that reviews new investments, as well as the Strategy Committee that advises on long term asset allocation/return targets. Toni is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), receiving her BBA at Louisiana Tech University and her MBA from Texas A&M University. She began her career on the audit staff of Deloitte & Touché in Houston. In the late 1990’s Toni relocated to Dallas to join RMC as Accounting Manager and has since worked in various capacities at Rosewood for over 20 years.  Toni also currently serves on the advisory board of Louisiana Tech University–College of Business.