Rosewood Corporation


“We don’t have any doubt how to conduct business, we just do things the right way.”
– John Dziminski, President


The Rosewood Corporation is a multi-generational, family-owned and operated company with investments in public and private securities, commercial real estate, energy, and other interests. The Rosewood Corporation and each of its business lines are committed to the highest standards of performance. We maintain a tradition of excellence in all areas of operations and are committed to preserving the legacy of Caroline Rose Hunt.


To increase value across each line of business, create growth opportunities for employees, and support our surrounding communities.


We are people-centric and provide access to a large network of highly talented and experienced operating partners.

We are committed to meeting the highest standards of performance in all areas of operations.

We deliver a strong long-term risk-adjusted performance across economic and market cycles while maintaining considerable liquidity.

We commit to partnerships through a relationship-oriented approach with the goal of completing multiple transactions with select best-in-class partners.

We focus on building high-performing management teams that are proven thought leaders in their industries.









The Rosewood Corporation was established in 1976 by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, originally as a real estate development company. In 1979, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts was established with the purchase of The Mansion on Turtle Creek and The Crescent. The hotel group was later sold in 2011.


Rosewood Property Company is established and is synonymous with unsurpassed excellence in investment, development, and operation of institutional quality real estate. Rosewood Property was the visionary force behind the transformation of Uptown Dallas into a vibrant and highly successful urban epicenter. Today, Rosewood Property Company specializes in multi-family, storage, office, industrial, and mixed-use development.


Rosewood Resources, Inc. is established to manage the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate oil and gas interests. They are an independent energy company with operations in Texas, along with non-operated assets both domestically and internationally.


Rosewood Management Corporation is established as the single-family office for Caroline Rose Hunt and her descendants.


The Rosewood Foundation, the company's corporate philanthropic arm is established. The Caroline Rose Hunt family is inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame.


Rosewood Private Investments, the private equity arm of The Rosewood Corporation is established.


The Moozie Foundation, the philanthropic arm representing Caroline Rose Hunt’s grandchildren is established. John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, a premier education and destination nature center, is established.


Caroline Rose Hunt was one of Dallas’ leading ladies whose vision helped create the City of Dallas as we know it today.

In 1976, she founded The Rosewood Corporation, a family-owned company with diverse operations and investments. She was the guiding force behind the development and opening of some of Dallas’ most luxurious hotels and properties, such as The Mansion on Turtle Creek and The Crescent. Under her leadership, Rosewood continued to invest in upscale developments around the world, and its name and reputation became synonymous with luxury.

She wore many hats including entrepreneur, philanthropist, gourmet, and author. In 1991 she created Lady Primrose’s, Inc., an entire company devoted to luxury bath and skin products. Always in love with words, she published her first novel “Primrose Past: The 1848 Journal of Young Lady Primrose.” She also published “The Complete Pumpkin Cookbook” and “A Family Cooks” as well as contributed columns and articles in art and antique, travel, and women’s magazines.

Caroline received many awards and honors in her lifetime, serving on many boards, chairman for many events, and a member of many clubs, societies, and museums. She was most proud of her children and her family. Affectionately known as Moozie to her grandchildren, her work ethic, gracious spirit, and commitment to integrity continue to set the tone for her family and the company she built. Her legacy lives on, in the Rosewood Tradition of Excellence®.

“She is our beacon. She instilled core values not just for business but for all relationships. Integrity would be the number one thing she would say is important.” – Laurie Sands Harrison speaking about her mother


Caroline Rose Hunt was the third child of the iconic Texas oilman H.L. Hunt, Jr. In 1921, H.L. Hunt began his legendary oil and gas career during the “black gold rush” in El Dorado, Arkansas. He mastered the art of negotiating, buying, and selling leases, and then went on to drill his first of many successful wells. An astute businessman, he also proved to be an innovator by developing his own gathering systems, marketing agreements and promoting alternative uses of petroleum products. As a conservationist, H.L. Hunt pioneered well-spacing programs to maintain reservoir pressure, extend the life of a field, and reduce the drilling of unnecessary wells. In 1930 H.L. Hunt solidified his position as one of the most noted oilmen in history when he met with the East Texas wildcatter, Columbus Marion “Dad” Joiner at the site of the Daisy Bradford No. 3 well. The area proved to be the largest oil field discovered in the United States at that time.

“My father said to me when I was young – Never be ashamed of being in business. Business is good because it provides jobs and this is why this country is so economically successful.” – Caroline Rose Hunt