Subsidiaries, Partners, Etc.

For 30 years, Rosewood Property Company has been synonymous with unsurpassed excellence in development, investment and operation of institutional quality real estate. In addition to numerous and varied property interests, Rosewood Property Company is the visionary force behind the transformation of Uptown Dallas into a vibrant and highly successful urban epicenter. Rosewood Property Company's real estate investments span all real estate asset classes and its capabilities including leasing and property management.

Founded in 1983, Rosewood Resources, Inc. (RRI) is a Dallas-based independent energy company focusing on domestic oil and gas exploration and production, and is a privately-held subsidiary of The Rosewood Corporation. RRI operates oil and gas properties in Colorado, Kansas, Utah and Texas, and holds numerous non-operated oil and gas interests across the United States. RRI also manages the assets of its sister company RRI Holdings, Inc., whose interests include a Gulf Coast refinery and pipeline and the stock of Rosewood Exploration Ltd.

Rosewood Private Investments, Inc. (RPI) is the private equity subsidiary of The Rosewood Corporation, seeking control investments in private companies. RPI's structure and history enable it to be a unique resource and flexible investment partner. As an evergreen entity, Rosewood is continually seeking to invest capital in companies that share its commitment to entrepreneurism, integrity, and sound business principles.


Rosewood Exploration Ltd. holds non-operated oil and gas properties located throughout the Dutch sector of the North Sea and owns a minority stock position in Noordgastransport B.V., a pipeline company serving the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Rosewood Management Corporation is the family office that services the descendants of the Caroline Rose Hunt family in several categories including tax, accounting, investments, and client services.

Rosewood Management Corporation executive team 

The Caroline Hunt Trust Estate owns 5 ranches in Texas where the responsible breeding of cows and a holistic approach to ranching is practiced. Rosewood Ranches and the late Bunker Sands have won numerous environmental awards including the 1996 National Wetlands Award, the Lone Star Land Steward Award given by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and awards from the Nature Conservancy of Texas, The Dallas Morning News and the Greater Dallas Chamber in recognition of Rosewood's outstanding commitment to protecting our natural heritage.

Another area of environmental effort is Wetlands Management, LP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate that operates mitigation banking projects. Rosewood has the expertise and resources to restore large contiguous, mature, diverse wetland ecosystems and provide a source for off-site compensatory mitigation.


The Rosewood Foundation is a corporate foundation committed to improving the quality of people’s lives in the Dallas, Texas area., supporting the arts, education, environmental conservation, healthcare, and children and families living in poverty.

A unique private/public partnership between Wetlands Management, L.P. and the North Texas Municipal Water District resulted in the formation of the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, a nonprofit, charitable organization. The Wetland Center was created with the dual mission of educating the public and providing research opportunities in the areas of water quality and supply, wildlife management, and wetland systems. Wetlands Management, L.P. granted an easement to the NTMWD and that land provides an environment in which a variety of aquatic flora and fauna flourish and naturally filter the water before it is pumped to Lake Lavon. The Wetland Center is dedicated to passing on the tradition of wildlife conservation which has resulted in numerous conservation accolades for Rosewood and NTMWD.